Miilux.fi has got a new structure and a visual image.

We have revamped our website so that you could find our products quicker and get to know Miilux both in English and in Finnish. You can navigate easily on our website for our products and services have been categorised into own sections. You can find those categories from our landing page or from the menu bar above on every page.

Our website is responsive too. It responds to user’s screen size wheater it is a mobile phone or a computer screen. We have added a contact form on the new website so please send us a message if yo need to know more about our products, pricing etc. 

We hope that high quality pictures, videoa and brochures will give a good understanding of what we do and who we are. Website was constructed by Jäljen Jättiläinen/Jaakko Mylly. Photos and videos: Atacan Ergin, Jaakko Mylly, Miia Lahti. You are very welcome to visit our updated website!