We sell MTG’s teeth and protective components exclusively

We import and sell teeth and protective components made by the Spanish MTG exclusively in Finland. MTG is known for its innovation and high quality. MTG operates internationally and has two production plants in Spain.

Choosing well-designed and durable teeth and protecting the parts of buckets most susceptible to wear has been proven to decrease costs significantly. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our products:

  • Tooth systems
  • Teeth
  • Adapters
  • Lip blade protectors
  • Corner shrouds
  • Wing shrouds
  • Bolt-on lip system

Read more about the bolt-on lip system we have developed.

The lip blade between the adapters is protected which eliminates wear of the blade and makes it easy to maintain a part that is highly susceptible to wear. Lip blade protectors can be installed by welding or with a mechanical locking system.
Corner shrouds are an efficient protection from heavy wear and significantly extend the maintenance interval
The good design and self-sharpening profile of the teeth guarantee good penetration and decrease fuel consumption and machine stress
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