Hard metal products for heavy-duty wear resistance

The exceptional wear resistance of Miilux hard metal products is based on the high hardness of the wearing material. Made of cast high-chromium white iron, the material has a hardness of 63 HRC, which is equivalent to 650 on the Brinell scale. Despite their high hardness, our hard metal products are easy to install by welding. This is due to their two-layer structure: the hard metal is cast on top of regular, high-tensile steel that is easy to weld. This combination provides excellent impact resistance. The hard metal and the regular steel have a strong bond, and the wearing surface will not break.

Hard metal products we import

  • Chocky Bar
  • Wear Dome Button, rounded
  • Wear Donut
  • Wear Plate
  • Rockbox Liner
  • Skid Bar
  • Wear Bar
  • Shaped Wear Bar
  • Wafer Chocky
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