Miilux has signed a contract with Vossi Group recently to acquire Eagle eVision 2560 15kW IPG 3G laser cutting machine.

Thanks to the highest quality componenents such as laser fiber source and a modern body, eVision laser cutter can operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The new laser cutter machine can cut through the steels up to 25mm in thickness. It is four times quicker than the previous, similar machine used in Miilux production.

The investment is worth 1 million euros. It will increase the competitiveness of Miilux production significantly.

“This long planned project is finally coming to a fruition. The capacity of our laser cutting will increase substancially with this investment because the efficiency and high quality of Eagle laser cutting machines are second to none, explains Domestic Sales and Production Director Olli Mattila.