Miilux Protection is a world class armouring steel to keep you safe

Miilux Protection is a world class armouring steel providing versatile solutions for human protection.

Miilux Protection steels add a new level of safety to various types of vehicles, bank counters, money exchange offices, doors and shooting ranges. Miilux Protection steel is designed to keep you safe from blasts, expolosions and direct impacts. It covers you in the most demanding situations when the going gets tough.

The ballistic qualities of different Miilux Protection grades and thicknesses are tested repeatedly according to international standards in independent laboratories. Miilux Protection has been proven to work in practise for over two decades.

Miilux Protection includes steel grades: Miilux Protection 380, Miilux Protection 400, Miilux Protection 400T, Miilux Protection 450, Miilux Protection 500 and Miilux Protection 600, available in thicknesses 2,5-60 mm and maximum dimensions 2550x6150mm.

Miilux Protection makes the world stronger, safer and better place to live

Miilux Protection steel is the end product of a process that is throroughly researched and developed by Miilux, steel makers of almost 60 years of combined experience. We know how steel behaves through the entire process. Heating, bending, rolling, machining and blasting steel is in the core of our knowledge and business. Your challenge to keep safe is our expertise.

Miilux Protection armouring steels can be delivered quickly worldwide

We can deliver quickly from our warehouses globally. Miilux Protection armouring steels are tested and approved in compliance with PM2007, EN1522/1063, Stanag 4569, MIL-DTL-46100 and MIL-DTL-12560 among others, making them ideal in fast moving and critical situations without losing any properties in toughness.

We have stocks in Finland, Poland, Türkiye and UEA.

Miilux Protection armouring steel gives you

Superior toughness

with excellent workshop properties for bending and welding.

Faster and more economical transportation

for civilian and military vehicles in quickly moving situations where weight is a critical protective element.

A new level of safety

to a range of options such as vehicles, bank counters, money exchange offices, door and shooting ranges.

Bulletproof tested quality

for steel structures with ligter plate’s advantages.

Ready-for-installation parts

hardened for extremely demanding environments, designed to fit your exact security standards.

Trusted Nordic quality and reliability

from the steel makers of almost 60 years of experience. We offer comprehensive service: thermal cutting, welding, machining and bending.

Miilux Protection Firewall

With the high quality steels of Miilux Protection and
the unique hot forming technique developed by Deform,
we create a Firewall plate fit to your vehicle for spesific and superior
protection. We can produce firewalls for vehicles such as
for Toyota LC300 using different Miilux Protection steel

We would like to compliment you for your guideline of the welding process. With its aid our vehicles have excellent strength of the hull and do not get damaged even in extreme conditions.

Oleh Vysotskyi, PJSC RPA PRACTIKA Chairman

Aiemmin kauhojen osat saattoivat haljeta hitsauskohdistaan, varsinkin jos pihalla oli pakkasta. Halkeiluun perustavat ongelmat häipyivät sen jälkeen kun käyttöön tuli Miiluxin karkaistuista teräslevyistä tehdyt kauhojen huulilevyt. Kauhaosien vaihtelut loppuivat siihen.

Jorma Olkkola, Sandvik