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Thermal Cutting Service

Thermal cutting service

We have flame, plasma and laser cutting services with our own stock in order to give you a full service. We produce accurate pieces of materials from our stock in real-time. For larger projects, we order materials from our factories at 2-3 weeks delivery time.

The specific measured rolled sheets allow larger projects to have a small loss of material. This means means that we can offer our customers a competitive price for a piece.

We also welcome private customers. Your need doesn’t have to be big – it may even be one cut.


Miilux Steel Centre provides welding services for all parts under the same roof.

Miilux has up-to-date welding qualifications: ISO 3834-2:2021, EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC1, EXC2 ja EXC3.


Machining is typically carried out before hardening, which guarantees Hard from edge to edge -quality components and parts ready for installation.

Components can be manufactured according to the customer’s wishes from any Miilux steel grade including Miilux Crusher 530.


Miilux uses top of the range Finnish designed Aliko press brakes that can bend steel parts for extremely tough working conditions such as Nordic mines.

Miilux bending is done with Aliko Giant 4-14 meter bending lenght and 1000-4000 tons bending force and Aliko Heavy Duty 3–10 meters bending length and 500–800 tons bending force.


Miilux uses bending force calculator which is owned and developed by Aliko Oy Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of press brakes and tools. Aliko Oy Ltd is also pioneering developer of bending technology for mechanical engineering industry. Aliko Oy Ltd is the official distributor of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in Finland. Read more about Aliko’s machines manufactured in Finland, representing state-of-the-art technology and quality:

Tensile strength, Rm (N/mm2) Target angle, α (°) Thickness, S (mm) Bending length, L (mm) V-opening, V (mm) Upper tool radius, R
Bending force, F (t)
Inner radius, rᵢ (kun R ≤ rᵢ) (mm)
Flange min. lenght B (mm)

Please check sheet metal material and tensile strength from the list below:

Materials Rm - tensile strength (N/mm2)
Miilux 400 1250
Miilux 450 1400
Miilux 500 1650
Protection 400 1250
Protection 450 1450
Protection 500 1600
Mild steel S235 510
Mild steel S355 630
Strenx 600 MC 650-820
Strenx 700 MC 750-950
Strenx 900 MC 930-1200
F 1156.6 B 221 rᵢ 45 α 90 R 80 S 18 V 300
Co-working with Miilux is going well and their service is always efficient. Delivery times have been kept as on contract and in urgent matters, Miilux has strived to find the quickest possible solutions.
Mikko Poikonen, Spare Parts Coordinator, Tana Oy
The new Miilux bucket has a very good design and therefore an excellent filling level. Now Komatsu bed can be filled with 5-6 bucket scoops. Rotation got faster. With less rotation you get more efficient and move more tons by a litre. Konepörssi, Olli Päiviö, 12/2019.
Timo Koiranen, Jarkan Maansiirto Oy
Miilux has delivered all wearing parts for our crushers with such a certainty and speed, that we haven’t had the need to think about other options. The best part of Miilux is their fast reaction to unexpected events possibly happening on site. Euröpörssi, 8/2014.
Ville Jaara, Suomen Hyötymurskaus Oy
Buckets dig in deeper than before. We are less in a hurry now and we have less to worry about. The best part is that we’re also saving thousands in cold hard cash.
Marko Seppälä, Suomen Kivisora Oy
Earlier the buckets could break at welded areas, especially outside in the freezing cold. Those sort of problems dissapeared when we started using Miilux bucket parts, such as bolt-on cutting edges.
Jorma Olkkola, Sandvik
We would like to compliment you for your guideline of the welding process. With its aid our vehicles have excellent strength of the hull and do not get damaged even in extreme conditions.
Oleh Vysotskyi, PJSC RPA PRACTIKA Chairman