Thermal cutting service of steels

Our flame, plasma and laser cutting services in conjunction with steel storage sales complete the overall service. We are producing really accurate pieces of materials from our stock in real-time. For larger projects, we order materials from our factories at 2-3 weeks delivery time. The specific measures rolled sheets allow larger projects to have a small loss of material and, in the interest of our customers, therefore a competitive price for a piece.

Delivery reliability, high quality assurance and flexibility are an important part of our service concept.

Measure precise plasma, flame and laser cut parts quickly
We have a MicroStep HPR300xd plasma cutting machine with bevel ability and with laser marking, We have also Hypertherm HPR260 and Multitherm HPR400 plasma cutting machines, and Messer’s oxygen gas cutting machine with four nozzles and GLOBAL Control Plus control, as well as a Bystronic 6Kw laser cutting machine. Due to the wide range of working areas (plasma cutting 3200 x 18000 mm and flame cutting 4500 x 12500 mm), we can cut large pieces easily.

Images can be sent electronically (including DWG, DXF, PDF, JPG) or delivered as paper drawings. The cut pieces are finalized either with an angle grinder or a trimmer drum depending on the size of the pieces. The finished pieces are packed and marked according to the customer’s wishes and all the pieces we manufacture are also provided with the required certificate of materials.

Our service

We also welcome private customers. Your need doesn’t have to be great – it may even be one cut. In co-operation with our trusted and long-term contract carrier companies, we deliver the ordered items to you in time.

Plasma cutting Plate thicknesses from 3 to 50 mm
Flame cutting Plate thicknesses from 3 to 200 mm
Laser cutting Plate thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm
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