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We are Miilux

We are Miilux – a video series about employees of Miilux. “We are Miilux” is a video series about the people behind Miilux Steel Service Company. Miilux products are known from being “Hard from Edge to Edge” but that can also mean mental strenght and special skills in people. See it for yourself! Videos are subtitled in English.

We Are Miilux – Timo Sipilä

The latest We Are Miilux –video sees Research, Development and Quality manager Timo Sipilä crashing the waves and touching the sand of deserted island of Raahe Archipelago.

Sipilä is the man who knows all about the technical qualities of Miilux steels and how they are received in practice from customer’s point of view.

– Everything is based on our technical knowledge. It’s where it all starts from. After […]

We are Miilux – Atacan Ergin

– You must know what you’re looking for. And stay alert because a chance can be gone in a second, says Atacan Ergin, a quality engineer from Miilux.

Accuracy is one of the major contributers in Ati’s work and free time. Ati does quality checks for the steels at Miilux and produces amazingly detailed photographs with the same accuracy, his chosen subject being the Finnish nature.

“We are Miilux” […]

We are Miilux – recycling

Miilux is striving for 95 percent in recycling its left over industrial materials. Steel isn’t waste for us – it is a recycable product. Sustainability is important now and will be even more so in the near future. That’s why Miilux recycles almost everything in practice, supports circular economy (see how in the video) and lives harmoniously right by the sea, town and people.

Hope you enjoy the […]

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