Miilux® Screen Plates & Grouser Bars

Steel grades
Miilux 400, Miilux 450, Miilux 500, Miilux 600

5–120 mm

Maximum size 2450 x 6000 mm

Miilux 400 and Miilux 450 screen panels can be delivered
as formed parts.

Hard from edge to edge manufacturing technology
Miilux advancing hard from edge to edge technology enables screens and grouser bars to have a significantly longer life span. Hardening is carried out at the last production phase therefore screens and grouser bars are hard throughout.

High quality products from Finland
Dimensionally accurate products are delivered worldwide. Miilux large stock enables fast deliveries for screens and grouser bars.

Hard from Edge to Edge Screening solutions gives you LONGER SERVICE LIFE

Due to afterhardening, the hardness of items manufactured has no limit to our production activity. We perform the necessary processing and machining before the hardening, while steel is still soft. This allows upgrading hardness from the traditional HB400 abrasion resistant steel grade to HB450, HB500, or even HB600. Moreover, this is a very cost effective way for handling abrasion resistant steels, since no special equipment is required for machining and the process is quick.

Afterhardened Miilux abrasion resistant Screening solutions working order:
Before hardening: Cutting, bevelling, machining, etc.

After hardening: Welding, bending, priming


  • Screening solutions are hard from edge to edge and from bottom to top
  • Superior abrasion resistance compared to conventionally manufactured wear parts
  • Maximum hardness of machined items: HB600
  • Cost effective machining

Miilux Screening Solutions brochure eng.

Steel gradeThicknessYield strength
Rp0,2 N/mm²
Tensile strength
Rm N/mm²
Elongation A5Impact strength
Charpy-V – 40°C
Hardness range
Miilux® 400 5 – 12 mm100012501040J360-4200.45
Miilux® 40012 – 30 mm100012501030 J380-4500.45
Miilux® 40030 – 120 mm11001400830 J380-4800.56
Miilux® 4505 – 30 mm12001450825 J425-4750.5
Miilux® 45030 – 120 mm12001450825 J425-4750.58
Miilux® 5005 – 120 mm12501600825 J450-5300.64
Miilux® 6008 – 40 mm15002000617 J570-6400.8
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