Wear parts for crushes and screens

Miilux has a large selection of wear parts for crushing and screening. Our selection includes products by our partners as well as products created as a result of our own product development. Our selection covers the molding parts of crushes, the plate parts of crushes and screens, conveyor components and different screen nets and paraphernalia.

Miilux is an official retailer of Sandvik, among others, and utilizes the strengths of all of its partners to find better solutions. Our strength is our close collaboration with our customers and holistic service. If you’re looking for quality wear parts, contact us!

Wear parts:

  • Jaws
  • Cones
  • Casings
  • Side wedges
  • Plates for feeders, spouts and chutes
  • Screening systems
  • Protective plates
  • Lining plates
  • Spare parts for crushes and screens

Screen nets and conveyor components

Besides the traditional wire screens, Miilux has experience with different types of special nets. There are polyurethane and rubber nets for higher or lower levels, from coarse screening to fine screening. Utilizing different screening solutions enables significant savings in time and money. Miilux also delivers all components needed for conveyors, from conveyor rollers to belts. If you need high-quality, durable screens or conveyor components, contact us!

Screens and conveyor components:

  • Wire screens
  • Polyurethane nets
  • Rubber nets
  • Step nets, step platforms
  • Conveyor components
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Wear protection

Eliminating heavy wear by utilizing different materials and solutions is one of strengths of Miilux. Our products as well as the products of our partner Sandvik allow us to offer quality solutions.

When the most suitable material is found for the subject that needs protection from wear, savings could be several times greater than with a traditional solution. This also significantly reduces the need for equipment maintenance, leaving more time for productive work. We offer you customer-based solutions for protecting equipment from wear holistically, as well as new solutions and materials. Contact us now and ask for more information!

Wear protection:

  • Ceramics, ceramic plates
  • Polyurethane, polyurethane plates
  • Rubber linings
  • Armor plates
  • Hard alloy plates
  • Carbide, carbide plates
  • Abrasion resistant plates
  • Abrasion resistant plates up to hardness level HB530
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