Bolt-on cutting edge system

The bolt-on cutting edge system developed by Miilux allows easy maintenance of the tip of the bucket of a wheel loader without welding.

Renovations won’t be tied to time, place or weather conditions, as welding or heat processing is not needed. This also allows the risk-free use of HB500 hard abrasion resistant steel in wear pads.

Operating principle of the bolt-on cutting edge system

  • After installing the mounting plate, maintenance is done by changing the wear segment.
  • The bolts are protected from wear and stress. They will be safe from forces that could cause cutting or bending. Changing can be done using a bolt gun.
  • The wear segment will efficiently protect the bottom of the bucket and the mounting plate.
  • The wear segment has a protective plate against the front of the wear segment, thereby also protecting the mounting plate from wear from the front.
  • Maximum durability for the wear segments is achieved by quenching the pads to their final hardness as the last stage after oxygen cutting and welding. The material is high-quality Miilux abrasion resistant steel.
Bolt-on lip system
The tip in the picture has been used to carry 300,000 tons from under crushed stone, and it’s still going strong! When using a bolt lip, the capacity of the bucket stays optimal and precious tons won’t be lost due to the diminished capacity caused by a worn-out tip.

Our customers’ comments and experiences

We were glad to notice that the bucket’s penetration has improved. It was also possible to adjust the bucket’s capacity to the desired level, and the tons carried will always be constant.

We have saved significant amounts of money in the tip’s maintenance costs. The tip will be as good as new in an hour or two, and the maintenance requires no special arrangements.

The maintenance interval for the tip is longer compared to the V tips we used before. Before, we were not always able to use the hard HB500 plates because of difficult installation conditions.

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