Wheel Service

The goal of systematic mining vehicle wheel inspection and maintenance done by Miilux is to reduce:

  • errors made during maintenance work
  • accidents
  • tire wearing
  • cost of operation through maximum tire and rim life

Wheels must be inspected and maintained because:

  • pressurized tire is a bomb
  • the bigger the tire the more potential energy it has stored in it
  • it is never a minor accident when a wheel is broken during operation or maintenance.

Miilux is inspecting and maintaining the wheels according to Australian standards because there aren’t any European standards in place yet.

Welded products

Miilux manufactures ready-welded and surface-treated plate and steel structures according to customers’ wishes. Miilux has its own welding workshop and surface treatment line. Miilux has over ten years of experience in a variety of demanding welded and surface-treated plate and steel structures made of wear resistant steel and now we want to offer these services to our customers.

Examples of Miilux manufactured plate and steel structures:

  • buckets and bolt-on lip systems
  • buckets repair
  • bar screens
  • sieve drums

Miilux - Excavator Bucket Manufacturing

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