Buckets and Rock Beds for Mining Industry

Full Service for Mining Buckets and Rock Beds

Protective Hard Metal Products

Buckets and Rock Beds for Mining Industry

Miilux Mining Service assembles buckets and rock beds for mining industry and takes care of their maintenance and repairs on demand.

Downtime can cost huge amounts in Mining industry. Miilux Mining Service saves you money by increasing the working life of your machine with fast and effective repairs, experienced staff and quality parts.

Miiluxin Mining Service

Miiluxin Mining Service gives you a full service that saves mines time and money with repairs 

Miilux Mining Service has: 
• Qualified, experienced staff
• Own stock for wear resistant steels
• Steel recycling
• Own site for extensive repairs
• Own lifting equipment

Protective parts and other hard metal products are always replaced with every repair. The exceptional performance of Miilux hard metal products is based on the high hardness of the wearing material.

Wheel Service

The goal of systematic mining vehicle wheel inspection and maintenance done by Miilux is to reduce:

  • errors made during tyre maintenance work
  • accidents
  • tire wearing
  • cost of operation through maximum tire and rim life

Wheels must be inspected and maintained because:

  • pressurized tire can cause an explosion
  • the bigger the tire the more potential energy it has stored in it

Protective Hard Metal products for chutes, silos and other heavy impact areas

Hard metal products application:

  • Buckets
  • Chutes and silos
  • Feeders
  • Crusher frames
  • Shelf edges on heavy impact areas

The exceptional wear resistance of Miilux hard metal products is based on the high hardness of the wearing material. Made of cast high-chromium white iron, the material has a hardness of 63 HRC, which is equivalent to 650 on the Brinell scale.

Despite their high hardness, our hard metal products are easy to install by welding. This is due to their two-layer structure: the hard metal is cast on top of regular, high-tensile steel that is easy to weld. This combination provides excellent impact resistance. The hard metal and the regular steel have a strong bond, and the wearing surface will not break.

Co-working with Miilux is going well and their service is always efficient. Delivery times have been kept as on contract and in urgent matters, Miilux has strived to find the quickest possible solutions.
Mikko Poikonen, Spare Parts Coordinator, Tana Oy
The new Miilux bucket has a very good design and therefore an excellent filling level. Now Komatsu bed can be filled with 5-6 bucket scoops. Rotation got faster. With less rotation you get more efficient and move more tons by a litre. Konepörssi, Olli Päiviö, 12/2019.
Timo Koiranen, Jarkan Maansiirto Oy
Miilux has delivered all wearing parts for our crushers with such a certainty and speed, that we haven’t had the need to think about other options. The best part of Miilux is their fast reaction to unexpected events possibly happening on site. Euröpörssi, 8/2014.
Ville Jaara, Suomen Hyötymurskaus Oy
Buckets dig in deeper than before. We are less in a hurry now and we have less to worry about. The best part is that we’re also saving thousands in cold hard cash.
Marko Seppälä, Suomen Kivisora Oy
Earlier the buckets could break at welded areas, especially outside in the freezing cold. Those sort of problems dissapeared when we started using Miilux bucket parts, such as bolt-on cutting edges.
Jorma Olkkola, Sandvik
We would like to compliment you for your guideline of the welding process. With its aid our vehicles have excellent strength of the hull and do not get damaged even in extreme conditions.
Oleh Vysotskyi, PJSC RPA PRACTIKA Chairman