Juho Mattila

Export director
Phone +358 50 4177 692

Tanja Rautio

Export Coordinator
+358 50 4177671

Airi Maliniemi

Sales Manager, export
mob. +358 40 5291 594

Jouko Karhu

Sales Manager, export
mob. +358 50 4177 689

Niko Leinonen

Sales Manager, export
mob. +358 40 7730 413

Niko Vähätalo

Försäljning och teknisk support i norra Sverige, Official Representative, Sweden
Phone +46 70 295 2202
Fax +46 980 16 661

Hyun Kyu, Lee

Official Representative
South Korea
Samisong Metal CO.
Tel No. +82 31 366 5620
Fax No. +82 31 366 5621
Mobile No. +82 10 2712 5620

Miilux Poland

Tomasz Fedoryszyn

Managing Director, Miilux Poland
Mob: +48 698 605 119
Tel: +48 32 777 39 32

Ivo Bartos

Regional Sales Manager CZ/SK
Mob: +420 602 676 574

Marcin Markiefka

Sales Department Manager
Mob: +48 662 097 805
Tel: +48 32 777 3932

Miilux Middle East and Africa

Mohamad Abihaidar

Regional Sales Director–Middle East & Africa
Mob. +971 54 761 2021

Quality and Development

Timo Sipilä

Quality and Development Manager
mob. +358 10 5856 388

Atacan Ergin

Quality Engineer
mob. +358 50 4177 668

Miilux – Steel Service Centre
Miilux Oy
Ruonankatu 1, 92100 RAAHE, FINLAND
Tel +358 10 5856 000

Miilux® sells and manufactures wear resistant and personal protection solutions – utilizing its own brands and innovations. We serve the needs of our customers quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Quality, environment and safety standards
The company’s operations and the quality of our products are managed utilising a documented operating system based on the ISO 9001:2015 (quality), ISO 3834-2:2005 (welding), ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety) standards and the goals set by company management.

Kotimaassa 010-numeroon soittaminen maksaa soittajalle:
Soitettaessa matkaviestinverkon liittymästä: 8.35 Senttiä/puhelu + 16.69 Senttiä/min (alv 24%)
Soitettaessa kiinteän puhelinverkon liittymästä: 8.35 Senttiä/puhelu + 6.91 Senttiä/min (alv 24%)
– Jos soittaa ulkomailta, 010-alkuisen numeron hinta määräytyy paikallisen operaattorin hinnaston mukaisesti.

Co-working with Miilux is going well and their service is always efficient. Delivery times have been kept as on contract and in urgent matters, Miilux has strived to find the quickest possible solutions.
Mikko Poikonen, Spare Parts Coordinator, Tana Oy
The new Miilux bucket has a very good design and therefore an excellent filling level. Now Komatsu bed can be filled with 5-6 bucket scoops. Rotation got faster. With less rotation you get more efficient and move more tons by a litre. Konepörssi, Olli Päiviö, 12/2019.
Timo Koiranen, Jarkan Maansiirto Oy
Miilux has delivered all wearing parts for our crushers with such a certainty and speed, that we haven’t had the need to think about other options. The best part of Miilux is their fast reaction to unexpected events possibly happening on site. Euröpörssi, 8/2014.
Ville Jaara, Suomen Hyötymurskaus Oy
Buckets dig in deeper than before. We are less in a hurry now and we have less to worry about. The best part is that we’re also saving thousands in cold hard cash.
Marko Seppälä, Suomen Kivisora Oy
Earlier the buckets could break at welded areas, especially outside in the freezing cold. Those sort of problems dissapeared when we started using Miilux bucket parts, such as bolt-on cutting edges.
Jorma Olkkola, Sandvik
We would like to compliment you for your guideline of the welding process. With its aid our vehicles have excellent strength of the hull and do not get damaged even in extreme conditions.
Oleh Vysotskyi, PJSC RPA PRACTIKA Chairman