Hard from Edge to Edge method

lets you choose from any Miilux steel grades

Fully hardened

parts will retain their shape and form

Modern machines and versatile services

2D AND 3D modelling, Flame, plasma and laser cutting services, Bending services, Machining, Welding, Coating services

Miilux Wear Resistant steel parts and components

The Hard from Edge to Edge method allows you to select any Wear Resistant Miilux steel grade. 

Machining will not limit the selection, as the steel is machined in its soft state before final hardening. Many 400 HB plates can be replaces with 500 HB plates. This means longer service life to your product many times beyond traditional solutions.

We will help you with digital models of your needed wear parts and manufacture them to the specified hardness. The hardness is selected according to the application and operational conditions. Contact us for more specific details.

Miilux Wear Resistant solutions

Miilux’s production technology ensures excellent wear resistance to blades and other parts exposed to wear. Machining is usually carried out before hardening, which results in a dimensionally accurate part that is ready for installation and Hard from Edge to Edge.

Machining has to be done after hardening in some special cases. Components and parts can be manufactured according to the customer’s needs from any Miilux steel grade including Miilux Crusher 530.

Examples of wear resistant steel parts made by Miilux:

  • Cutting blades
  • Bucket components and parts
  • Side wedges for crushers and other wearing parts
  • Blades and holders
  • Vehicle beds for crushed rock and gravel in mining
Co-working with Miilux is going well and their service is always efficient. Delivery times have been kept as on contract and in urgent matters, Miilux has strived to find the quickest possible solutions.
Mikko Poikonen, Spare Parts Coordinator, Tana Oy
The new Miilux bucket has a very good design and therefore an excellent filling level. Now Komatsu bed can be filled with 5-6 bucket scoops. Rotation got faster. With less rotation you get more efficient and move more tons by a litre. Konepörssi, Olli Päiviö, 12/2019.
Timo Koiranen, Jarkan Maansiirto Oy
Miilux has delivered all wearing parts for our crushers with such a certainty and speed, that we haven’t had the need to think about other options. The best part of Miilux is their fast reaction to unexpected events possibly happening on site. Euröpörssi, 8/2014.
Ville Jaara, Suomen Hyötymurskaus Oy
Buckets dig in deeper than before. We are less in a hurry now and we have less to worry about. The best part is that we’re also saving thousands in cold hard cash.
Marko Seppälä, Suomen Kivisora Oy
Earlier the buckets could break at welded areas, especially outside in the freezing cold. Those sort of problems dissapeared when we started using Miilux bucket parts, such as bolt-on cutting edges.
Jorma Olkkola, Sandvik
We would like to compliment you for your guideline of the welding process. With its aid our vehicles have excellent strength of the hull and do not get damaged even in extreme conditions.
Oleh Vysotskyi, PJSC RPA PRACTIKA Chairman